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Trainer’s Starter Kit for The SMART Fundraising Game 2014

Looking for a way to expand the programs and services you offer your clients today? Add The SMART Fundraising Game to your portfolio. It’s a terrific way to keep meetings and workshops fun and lively, while helping your clients understand what it really takes to raise money for their charities.

While playing the game always produces an enjoyable, lively meeting, it’s the post-game discussions that provide the most learning. Use your skills as a facilitator to draw lessons from those discussions, underscoring the value you bring to the client.

Our Trainer’s Starter Kit includes:

  • Five copies of the game
  • Five extra Gain/Loss Card Decks
  • Train-the-trainer video
  • Facilitator guide
  • Thirty-minute private consultation with game designer Ellen Bristol

The SMART Fundraising Game 2014 description:

Show your staff and board what fundraising’s really all about! Fundraising is a professional job that can be baffling to those who don’t raise funds for a living. The SMART Fundraising Game helps board and staff “get it,” using real-world examples, competition and lots of laughter.  It’s a great way to break the ice at a board or staff retreat or training.

Play the SMART Fundraising Game like Monopoly without the game board. Toss a coin or roll dice to pick a card. Each card contains a simple scenario that either gains or loses money. If your team runs out of money, you’re out of business. End with more money than you started and you’re a winner!