Bristol Strategy Group

The Leaky Bucket Team Debrief

The Leaky Bucket Team Debrief brings all your major stakeholders together - fundraising staff, senior leadership and governing board - to review your collated results from the Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising. The 90-minute consulting session is led by one of our senior certified fundraising experts, delivered via live interactive screen-sharing technology. And we record it for you for later review.

Upon buying your Team Debrief, we will contact you with a Team Code exclusive to your organization, and discuss the best time to schedule your meeting. We collate your results to maintain confidentiality, and then compare them to our global averages. Currently, the Leaky Bucket Study includes nearly 1300 responses.

This consultation allows you and your team to delve into fundraising strategies, figure out what's working and what isn't, and gain a greater mutual understanding of how you can work together to achieve better performance.  We hope you'll take advantage of this cost-effective offer.