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Resources, books, programs and training to improve fundraising RESULTS through improved productivity and management skills. Check out our special offer on the book Fundraising the SMART Way right here!!

Fundraising the SMART Way: Predictable, Consistent Income Growth for Your Charity, is available for a very special price from our store only - 35% or about 40% off.

Start a revolution in your nonprofit! Raise more money with less effort by adopting this innovative approach to the way you manage the fundraising effort. Whether your primary funding comes from major gifts, grants, events, or corporate sponsors, the principles you'll learn here will lower your costs, improve your results, retain donors more effectively, and make your board very happy.  The book even includes a special companion website loaded with templates, calculators and other resources. 

To get the special discount, use the Discount Code SMART1.  Supplies are limited.

You'll also want to read The Leaky Bucket: What's Wrong with Your Fundraising and How You Can Fix It, co-authored by Ellen Bristol and Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE. Even some of the finest fund development programs have leaks—pockets of inefficiency that, left unaddressed, will chip away at your ability to raise money, and keep it from slipping away. This book was inspired by our long-term study, the Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising. 

Looking for a great way to kick off a board or staff retreat? Check out The SMART Fundraising Game! This lively, interactive game shows board and staff what fundraising is really all about. Get everyone involved, compete to see who's going to win, who's going to lose, and why!!  Lots of learning and laughs, all in one little package.






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